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moving on...
My journey began with a large layoff at the company I worked at. I was rooted in the Chicago area, but an opportunity for a change soon came. After a few weeks of discussion, some deep contemplation, and a leap of faith, I secured a new job in Anderson, South Carolina! Anderson is certainly a change from the Chicago area, and I'll miss my colleagues and friends, but we must all often move on....
the weather in Anderson

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why I like Anderson...
Click here to see a list of some things I like about Anderson, South Carolina, and why.

nine years and still lovin' it...
It's just about the nine year mark living in Anderson, SC, and I still love it! Anderson is truely a "big small town" that embraces good values, has interesting things to explore, and is a great place to live and work. After nine years, I now truly call Anderson my home!

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